Mothers of the world! Tune in to this Friday Fill Up to fill up on love, acceptance, forgiveness, and joy! If you’ve been struggling to stay present to the miracle of life while keeping up with the speed of motherhood, this is the perfect opportunity for you to hit pause on the whirlwind. Slow down for a few to tune in and turn up the whispers of your heart! This episode’s guest is Life Coach for busy, loving Mamas, Kristin Baker. She shares her own journey in shifting from feeling like the “motherly martyr” to totally realizing the maternal miracle that she is! She openly shares her struggles and strides as we talk about identifying as divine, feminine leaders in this masculine world. We dig in on the conversation no one is having in their moms groups. We ARE leaders and all deal with ‘imposter syndrome’ on so many levels. This episode introduces the new brand of leadership emerging and makes new possibility available to you! From self celebration and acknowledgement to enjoying our relationships fully, Kristin is giving us an amazing view at what it looks like to transform your relationship to yourself and the world around you!