Have you ever considered that your people pleasing is based on your fears? You’d rather please others then experience the ‘weirdness’ of saying ‘No’ with confidence. You resist feeling the discomfort of having boundaries AND maintaining them. In today’s episode, I share the “and/or” mentality in which you can only have one or the other in life. You must make a trade off when it comes to the things that you want most. You deeply believe that your pleasure and fulfillment comes at a cost to others. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the “both/and” mentality. Taking on the “both/and” mentality gives you the opportunity to have it all. I spend time in this episode sharing how ‘having it all’ it requires giving up any undeserving or not good enough story that keeps you in your people pleasing pattern. This 15 Min Fill Up grants you permission to desire AND go for the life you want! Tune in today to give up people pleasing and start living a life that pleases you. It’s your time to shine.