We all have a story and we all have a story worth sharing! When you open up about what you’re going through, you truly realize how not alone you are on your journey. Any person you know living out loud will tell you that living in your truth gives you the clarity and confidence you seek so much. When you come to understand that you are the author of your story, you realize that you always have been! This creates a magical shift from hoping and wishing to dreaming, doing, believing, and achieving! That is what Christine Blubaugh did when she sold everything she had and moved back to the Midwest to start over. Christine is a Conversion Copywriter & Copy Mentor who helps online coaches and service-based entrepreneurs express their kickass messages in ways their ideal clients can’t ignore. When she decided to turn her gift into her gift to the world, she found the joy she was looking for. When she’s not busy word-wrangling, Christine can be found sipping green drinks, obsessing over Instagram feeds, and introverting like there’s no tomorrow. Tune into this stellar Friday Fill Up on the courage it takes to live as the true you and share yourself boldly.