In this podcast episode, Elena Armijo speaks with Carolyn Swora, a leadership consultant, team coach, and author, about her journey into coaching and her focus on social justice and trauma-informed leadership. Carolyn shares her passion for working with leaders and organizations committed to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, highlighting the importance of connecting with the body and nervous system as a leader.

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Carolyn emphasizes the somatic aspects of leadership and transformation, discussing how the body stores emotional wounds and trauma that can impact cognitive and physical performance. She encourages leaders to listen to and partner with their nervous systems in order to regulate their states and show up more fully. Carolyn provides practical suggestions for individuals to explore somatic practices, such as community connection and grounding exercises.

Ultimately, Carolyn’s vision is for more people to understand the power of the nervous system and somatic wisdom, in order to address systemic challenges and create positive change in the world. She believes that by disseminating this knowledge widely, especially to the next generation, we can build the internal resources and collective capacity needed to make a difference. This podcast episode offers valuable insights and practical tips for leaders looking to incorporate somatic practices into their work.


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