I have news that I have been hiding out about…I quit my cushy corporate job…again. I have been hiding out about it because many of you didn’t know that in the first place! I am sharing all the dirty details in this 15 Min Fill Up. I have stalled all January to share this personally exciting news for fear of judgement. I have withheld so that I could get my footing and stride back without the perceived threat of being doubted. At every phase of leveling up in life, those most common shadows come lurking from their corners.

I have squared up with so many identities of my ego to make this quantum leap and I am still growing. What’s different is that I have shifted out of feeling held back by forces greater than me. I am stepping into the current and riding the wave towards my biggest life.

As we move in to February, I am committed to full celebration mode! It is the month of LOVE! It is my birth month and I turn 30! Which I have personally dubbed