In this episode, Elena Armijo and Jason Frazzell dive deep into the concept of blind spots and how they affect our daily lives. Blind spots are not just limited to driving situations, but exist in all aspects of our lives, including communication, decision-making, and self-awareness. By understanding the psychological mechanisms behind blind spots, individuals can start recognizing and addressing them.

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Jason shares his personal journey from a sales-focused career to becoming an executive coach and facilitator. He opens up about the challenges he faced when starting his own business and the need to separate his identity from the work. Jason also expresses his desire to delve deeper into men’s work, exploring vulnerability, emotional expression, and the importance of men connecting with their spirituality and plant medicine. He envisions a world where men feel seen, heard, and validated, breaking free from societal pressure to conform to traditional masculine norms.

Providing a thought-provoking conversation on blind spots, self-awareness, and the evolving landscape of identity and masculinity, this episode emphasizes the importance of creating a more inclusive and empowered world for individuals of all genders. Jason recommends resources such as the “Anti-Racism Daily” newsletter and books like “Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People” and “How to Be an Anti-Racist“.


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