In this episode, Elena speaks with Brittany Cotton, an innovative leader in professional coaching. Brittany is the Head of Coaching at 7CTOs and also runs her own executive coaching business called Coach EXE. She shares how she stumbled into coaching after finishing her master’s degree and feeling uncertain about pursuing a PhD program. Brittany talks about the fulfillment she found in coaching and how it allowed her to tap into something that was already inside her. She emphasizes that coaching is not about having all the answers, but rather supporting others to cultivate their own answers.

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As the Head of Coaching at 7 CTOs, Brittany is responsible for creating leadership content and facilitating peer coaching groups. She discusses how her work focuses on helping tech leaders develop heart-based leadership skills in addition to technical skills. She also shares some trends she has noticed, highlighting that leaders are now more comfortable embracing discomfort and sitting with problems instead of running from them.

Brittany offers advice on developing courage, encouraging leaders to step out of their comfort zones, embrace vulnerability, and learn from setbacks. She believes that small steps over time can lead to significant personal growth. She also emphasizes the importance of difficult conversations and sitting with uncertainty, as personal growth can have a profound impact on organizations.

Brittany emphasizes the importance of personal growth in navigating professional challenges and global difficulties. She believes that leaders who prioritize their own development can bring about positive change in their companies from the inside out. She shares stories of clients who experienced unexpected transformations long after coaching ended. Overall, Brittany’s holistic approach centers on the humanity of leaders, emphasizing the importance of personal growth over technical skills.


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