We are talking life, love, communication, sexuality, marriage, divorce, and more in this power packed episode and invite you to join us for an amazing awakening. This is an incredibly insightful episode for anyone interested in the evolution of humankind as a collective! Podcaster, author, consultant, and speaker Robert Kandell is bringing some thoughtful perspective on the generally recent revolt of women and the adaptation of men! Author of newly released unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them, Kandell is sharing his own awakening to his process of growth. In this Friday Fill Up, he is sharing the shifts caused by the #metoo movement and the social stigmas that cap men’s self-expression. His insights about how we as men and women can thrive in this new age are leading edge, profound, and shed the light of hope for the direction we are headed from a collaborative conversation as opposed to the outdated competitive approach. For anyone looking to contribute to raising the consciousness and and vibration of this world as a team, I strongly urge you to tune in on how you can be a key player in the game of life as it has never been played before.