In this episode, Elena speaks with Nomsa Khalfani and Amy Moy, the co-CEOs of Essential Access Health, to discuss their unique approach to co-leadership and their vision for transforming organizational culture. Nomsa and Amy have a long history together, having worked side by side in senior leadership roles for the past 10 years. When the previous CEO left, the board made the groundbreaking decision to appoint Nomsa and Amy as co-CEOs, recognizing their strong partnership and dedication to the organization’s mission.

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As co-CEOs, Nomsa and Amy prioritize the well-being of their staff. They lead by example, practicing mutual support, flexibility, rest, and vulnerability. This shift in mindset and focus on staff wellness has resulted in a more trusting, safe, and humane organizational culture. They also emphasize inclusion, community health, and freedom for all. Through coaching, fair compensation, and involving staff in decision-making, they empower their team to make a meaningful impact.

However, with this new style of leadership also come challenges. Nomsa and Amy stress the importance of being open to feedback, even when it’s uncomfortable, and using it as an opportunity for self-reflection rather than defensiveness. They also recognize the need to embrace imperfection and allow for evolution in their leadership approach.

To measure their success, Nomsa and Amy look at metrics such as staff retention, feedback from employees about feeling valued, and recommendations of the organization. They believe that by creating an empowering culture, they can support their staff in doing their best work and ultimately make a significant impact.

Above all, Nomsa and Amy’s vision for Essential Access Health is centered around respecting bodily autonomy and fundamental human rights and dignity for all. They believe that true freedom cannot exist as long as some individuals lack it. Their goal is to amplify voices and improve outcomes through courageous and pioneering leadership. Tune in to this enlightening episode to learn more about their journey and the transformative power of co-leadership.


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