This is the highly anticipated follow up to episode 042: Life As An Empath. In the Empath Empowerment Series, I am giving you the “hows, whos, and whats” of being an empath in today’s world! Understanding that you are an empath is the first step to realizing what that means, accepting it wholly, celebrating it, and using it to create your fullest life! Without any awareness about this way of being, we often feel cursed by the plethora of feelings, emotions, and thoughts that we have as empathetic people. Life can seem to have a lot of friction when you are resisting or living out of alignment with your soul’s natural state. Reaching freedom and ease is will seem difficult until you become a student of what it means to be who you are. With this awareness, we are given a foundation upon which we can build a sturdy house for all of this passion, curiosity, and compassion to reside in! Being an empath is a blessing and your superpower! We come here with a strong purpose to shift the consciousness and struggles of humanity. You have a divine purpose and who you are is going to transform this world. Navigating with IN HONOR of your soul’s alignment will create ease, flow, fun, and joy as you make your way! Learning and nurturing WHO you are inclined to be allows for flow and fun in life.  Join me today to gain a deeper understanding of yourself as well as generate more confidence, clarity, and direction about living on purpose and with purpose.