Ambitious dreamer and doer Suzy Prudden shares her very diverse and expansive story of problem solving and results creating. She is an internationally recognized author and speaker. She is also the co-founder of Itty Bitty Publishing. From a very young age, Suzy was taught, understood, AND put into action how to overcome obstacles that stopped her from having an extraordinary¬†life. As an entrepreneur, author, publisher, tv personality, and more, Suzy shares how to swiftly move past “stuck points” in life to keep growing, making money, and loving life. Once homeless Prudden also shares the absolute importance of the power of mindset and positive thinking and choice making. Her stories are great, her insights are mind-opening, and her advice is useful right now! Tune in to this Friday Fill Up to fill up on ‘aha’ moments that will wake you up to the power of your mind and choices.