I recorded this episode to begin normalizing the trials and tribulations of being an Empath in this world. I also recorded it to celebrate all of the amazing things about the human that you are! This is a bit of an intro to the world of empathy and we will dive in more as the podcast goes on. One of my biggest commitments in the Heart Unleashed Podcast is to educate and display how to turn that giant heart of yours into a tool that can transform this world. Your heart beat matters. The difference that you came here to make matters. How much you feel is no mistake. You are here to be a light and a guide in this world with the natural energy, passion, and vitality that you have. You are in tune and turned on to the love that this world needs so desperately. I invite you to accept that big ole heart of yours, unleash it, and impact this world in ways that will continue to generate the ripple effect of love, greatness, and gratitude. The Hearts of Empaths unleashed matters.