Today’s conversation is one to empower the rest of your life! Transformational Life Coach, Sasha Frugone, is teaching us how to discover, meet, and consistently access our inner children. Found in a trash can, adopted, abused, and having faced death multiple times, Sasha teaches us the power of reframing our stories to serves out fullest lives. Inner child work is rooted in healing, recovery, and empowerment. Meeting the younger versions of you that develop their behaviors as survival skills can give you a better understanding about who you have come to be in this day and age. No matter what type of environment we grew up in, by way of being human, we each have inner children that learned how to protect themselves from the perceived threats of the home, relationships, and the world. Comforting these babies of yours can truly set you free. Without conscious inner child work, we think that we as adults have anger, frustration, sadness. We use tactics like manipulation, force, lying, seduction, and more to get our way. These mentalities and survival skills are seeded in scarcity, lack, and danger. None of this is sourced from love and abundance. When we meet our own inner children we also come to discover the highest and best version of ourselves. When we can strip away identity’s that no longer serve our higher good and we are granted access to growth, evolution, maturity, joy, freedom, self-expression, and love. Sasha is bringing decades of experience to unleash your heart and inner children. Her loving, maternal energy makes it safe to explore the depths of your heart and meet those babies that need all of your understanding, acceptance, and love. Join us for an incredibly impactful conversation that will have you meeting YOU in whole new ways!