This 15 Min Fill Up was recorded after a 60 ft scuba dive at Lake Pleasant with some new heros of mine. I learned how to scuba dive with the Diving Devil Dogs of Arizona, an non-profit organization, that supports veterans getting scuba certified and creating healthy coping skills and strategies in transitioning home and thriving after their service has been fulfilled. I faced so many personal fears with men who have given me the gift of my freedom to scuba for fun and not survival. It was breathtaking to dive into chilly waters with men who have faced far more treacherous conditions. Seeing them smile after also diving past their comfort zone was an experience I will never forget. In this episode, I am bringing you the heart of Jimmy Richardson of the Diving Devil Dogs SoCal Chapter. He led this weekend’s mission and brought his vets to new territory safely and while even having a little fun! He shares what it is like to dive into your heart and the hearts of others to talk about what is really going on and how to build a community of communication. You can get involved today!