Ulrich Floresca and I are coming to you together from Sedona, Arizona for this 15 Min Fill Up! During our trip to the Vortex we had an amazing conversation that we decided to bring to you! Many of us endlessly search and never find what we feel we came here to do. We often end up with jobs, roles, and titles that do not match WHO we are at our highest and best. This has us feeling lost, confused, upset, and underappreciated. Years and decades of living unfulfilled has gone on for too long and we have a conversation that can begin to make the major shift for you; identifying your role and pursuing it. When we are able to find our fulfillment, it shows. We are committed to supporting you in finding your fulfillment by sharing what it’s like to truly understand what brings you joy and has you fulfilling your purpose and role in this beautiful world! In today’s episode, I am bringing two of my favorite analogies to help you begin the process of finding and following what fulfills you most! Happy discovering!