We are covering a globe’s worth of conversation in today’s episode! Creator of GLYD, Monika Bhasin, is sharing her childhood, growth, and evolution through life! She is also sharing the evolution of her app GLYD and it’s newest innovation. Born in India, Monika was raised by her Grandmother until she moved to the states at age 12. It was then that she was introduced to running water and bathrooms! Her humble beginnings with the love of her Grandmother are the times that filled her with love that carried her into her adulthood. This amazing woman so boldly shares her struggles with feeling unloved and growth into loving herself and her past, present, and future. Many truths and insights can be gleaned from today’s Friday Fill Up about how to live a conscious life and choose happiness and gratitude. If you have been practicing raising your vibration, this is a great episode to see that you are not alone and that a life of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical freedom is totally available to you. So join us as we travel our minds and hearts in a way that will empower you to travel the world with GYLD!