This week’s mantra is flow! Today’s entire episode was sparked by a single thought! This isn’t unlikely or new for me to rattle off a whole conversation from a single thought. However, this is the first time that I flowed like this in a Hearts Unleashed Podcast episode! I can tell you with full self-love that I am proud about the way it turned out! I sat down in my flow and let my passion and thoughts grow! This thought process draws a hard line between your ego and your angel. Your dark and light side. Your love and fears. When you flow in and with the highest version of yourself, you will be producing a great life and more greatness in this world! You are the only one who gets to do that for yourself! Today’s 15 Min Fill Up shares how to in action from Love and get out of validation mode and into creative flow. Be sure to join me in today is jam session to completely rock your week and have us arriving to Go Live Your Dreams with Monika Bahseen’s episode this Friday Fill Up! I can hardly even wait to unleash it!!!