WOOOOHOOOOO! We are kick starting a super fun month of celebration! It is Thanksgiving month! It is the second anniversary of my Growing Gratitude Facebook community! It is the one year Bookiversary of Giving Up Giving Up: The Memoir of a Quitter! So pack your party pants because we are going to have ourselves a good old time! Today, head over to any of my social media pages to join us for the Thanks-Giving It Forward Challenge! We are creating a community to join forces in creating a ripple effect of love! No matter what it looks like for you, we are looking for listeners excited to spread the love this month. We will also be hosting a Thanks-Giving It Forward contest at the end of the month as well so stay tuned in! On a more serious note, I also share a concept about Thanks-Giving It Forward into people’s future by holding them accountable to what they want in life! This is not a task for the faint of heart and will make all the difference in their lives. You can listen as me speaking to you saying, “it’s time to get going!” You could also listen to empower you in empowering your loved ones and more.