Holy tell all! What a fun episode coming your way today!! I’m giving out a $10 iTunes gift card, I am answering your questions, and I’m sharing so much of myself in today’s #fridayfillup. I had no idea how many rabbit holes I would trail down! I got all the way to talking about my desire to be a mother and the discovery that I am one already! This was seriously such a fun show to record! In my very first Ask Abigail Anything episode, I am answering it all and excited to share it with you! If this episode sparks any new awarenesses or ‘aha’ moments for you, let us know in your 5 star review! And if you can think of anyone who would love to know the answers to these questions, share with a friend! Thank you for being one of the hearts that I get to unleash. Thank you for pursuing your passions and full self love. Keep spreading the love.