Does anybody else carry around the weight of baggage of your past? I get it. I did too, for years.Holding onto that weight causes avoidance, missing out, shame, and resentment. It keeps us where we are in life and prevents us from going any farther or getting what we want out of life. No matter how good it looks on the outside, trash from the past can really stink up the ‘rooms’ of our life. It leaves us feeling unfulfilled and surrounded with stuff we don’t want. In today’s 15 Min Fill Up, I’m talking about how to really set yourself free from that junky feeling! This episode is really about shifting from dreaming to doing by cleaning up the messes that you’ve made in life! Grab your trash bag because I am dropping some truth bombs in today’s convo about how to toss out the trash of the messes that you’ve made in your past! This podcast is for those of you serious about shifting from stuck in your past to sprinting towards your future! Enjoy!