Philanthropist, servant heart, and loving spirit, Elena Thornton paints a beautiful picture of what’s possible when you share your dreams with others! From her neighbor to her community to Arizona and beyond, this woman is dreaming AND doing amazing work to support artisans! She has an amazing commitment to creating a thriving culture of art in what she calls Artizona! Elena is the founder of the Arizona Consortium for the Arts, a not-for-profit, an all-volunteer, community organization. She is spearheading the efforts in developing relationships with local community organizations that will bridge resources and forge collaborations with individuals, public, private, educational institutions and the business community to reach their goals. Today’s #wisdomwednesday reminds me how smart it is to SHARE your dreams! Speak your dreams! Let you people KNOW what you want! This Educator, Artist, Published Poet, Photographer, and Community Volunteer really highlights the importance of community and how allowing others to help generate your vision is a major key to bringing your dreams into reality! It is your turn to grab the brush. You are the HeArtist of your life!