Grab your hammer and nails for this one, hearts! This episode is called Podcast Under Construction and you already know I am going to relate it to LIFE under construction! I want to call out the changes that you are noticing on the podcast! We are growing as we are going through this podcast project and I want to share a handful of lessons that I am applying to turn this dream into a reality! If you are in a transitional phase OR you are ready to start one, this is the perfect episode for you! You can put these tips and insights in your bag of tricks as you take on the discomfort of growth. I want you to know that growth is so much the same for so many of AT EVERY LEVEL! Growth is growth, YOU are the one who transforms as growth does what growth does! So if you are ready to start or finish a project in your heart, my hope for you is that you don’t let the discomfort of growth stop you from shifting from dreaming to doing.