Straight up, this is an episode I would love everyone to hear! I don’t waste a minute in today’s 15 Min Fill Up moving us closer to our goals. I am telling on you, me, and anyone who is still climbing our own personal mountain towards our most fulfilled dreams! I’m sharing the main thing you don’t have in your backpack on your climb towards you want: BELIEF!! Yes, belief. You’ll probably want to defend it. However, by the end of this 15 episode, my hope is that you own it, let it go, and begin chasing your dreams again! Lack of belief stops all of us at one point or another. It can happen at every age, stage, and phase of our journey AND there’s nothing wrong with it. Today, we are just here to discover that doubt, fear, and insecurity are not getting you where you want to be. As you continue to grow in your self love, awareness, and worth you will realize that belief in yourself and your biggest dreams is an essential part of having them become your reality! I am so excited to break up the barriers between you and your dream life! Let’s get to gettin’ it!