BossBabe, CEO, and total sparkling star, Olenka Cullinan is real as can be in todays’ episode! The creator of the #IStartFirst movement is showing up authentic to talk about what it is really like to be the one who starts first! Olenka tells on herself about starting from nothing in the United States and giving up every inauthenticity in order to make a bigger difference with you today! Too often, we see entrepreneurs after they’ve ‘made it’ and it looks sparkly, and impressive! In reality, we’re all working through our challenges and towards our goals. Olenka shares honestly how she has grown and learned how to bounce back from setbacks. She’s even gone homeless for a night just to relate to a student and be able to speak from a place of experience as opposed to acting like she knows it all. WOW! We can certainly walk away with a valuable lesson about walking the walk from this trailblazer! You won’t want to miss this full #FridayFillUp!