Join me for a hilarious and in depth conversation with college athlete turned model, actress, and filmmaker, Tatiana Ortiz. In today’s Friday Fill Up, she lays out so many truths of giving up your old identity in order to create your future powerfully. Tatiana shares so many common lessons and growing pains that come with finding, owning, loving, and sharing yourself! We cover some of the most common stages of being a new entrepreneur from risk taking and learning to say “No” to setting boundaries and prioritizing. Tat also shares how she leans on and uses her real life team to stay motivated to achieve all of her goals! This episode will peel back curtains on what you will experience as you grow in your self love, power, and declared future! Going from dreaming to doing with these core milestones of growth in recreating your identity and life. Tatiana will share experience of doing this while writing, acting in, and directing her very own short film. Today is the first day of your best life!