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EP 22: Approval for the Creatures Within Us with Leslie Rogers

April 13, 2021

My co-interviewer for this episode is one of my besties, Agnes Michalek. We were very excited to chat with Leslie Rogers, the Founder of the Light Dark Institute, who supports people around light and shadow work. Agnes and I encountered him in a community that we both belong to. We heard him speak about getting in touch with the creatures inside of you and it lit us up!

Join us as we discuss:

  • Light Work vs. Dark Work
  • Why should we go into our darkness?
  • Creating allowance and approval around our darkness
  • Approaching dark work with care and as a way to love all of the parts of us
  • Being a full yes to dark work
  • Everyone is a LIAR!
  • Creating safe containers and space for you to express your creatures fully
  • What it takes to allow yourself to feel your shadow
  • Practices to start getting in touch with your darkness
  • Getting in a conversation with your shadows about what each of them desire

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