Any Way You Want It is an exploration into new and uncharted territories in sex, relationships, and life. Through conversations with everyday people, teachers, experts, and self-proclaimed weirdos, Cailin opens new doors to intimacy and love. It’s like having a cozy intimate dinner party where you get to consider different relationship models, perspectives, and paradigms so that you can have your own personal buffet of options to choose from. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to get in touch with your desire.

EP 21: If You Want to Get There Faster, Get on Your Knees with Agnes Michalek

April 6, 2021

Agnes Michalek is a guide for women who are interested in the path of feminine submission. In 2020, she co-shepherded over 130 ladies through her programs into the depths of feminine submission and she has had a massive impact in the world of BDSM. She is my bestie and has left a deep impression on my heart over the last few years.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Understanding the nuances and energetics of BDSM
  • Exploring the archetype of the submissive as access to our divine feminine
  • Accessing play to open a field of possibility
  • The desire that lives deep within us
  • Creating the world you want to create for yourself
  • Letting go of our Egos through surrender practice
  • Taking down the walls to our hearts through surrender
  • Respecting and honoring men through acknowledgement

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