Any Way You Want It is an exploration into new and uncharted territories in sex, relationships, and life. Through conversations with everyday people, teachers, experts, and self-proclaimed weirdos, Cailin opens new doors to intimacy and love. It’s like having a cozy intimate dinner party where you get to consider different relationship models, perspectives, and paradigms so that you can have your own personal buffet of options to choose from. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to get in touch with your desire.

EP 17: Expanding your Havingness with Ellie Shepley

March 9, 2021

Ellie Shepley’s company, Desire on Fire, is teaching, training and inspiring a new generation of women to become powerful agents of change, who allow their desires and pleasure to lead the way as they step into a whole new world of freedom, pleasure and ease. Through her retreats and programs, she’s taught hundreds of women how to create confident intimacy, hot sex and a fulfilling relationship.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Building the muscle of doing scary things
  • Leading with the feminine everywhere in life and having the masculine as a foundation
  • Investing in yourself as access to expanding your life
  • Desire that is trying to compensate for something vs desire that is true
  • Expanding your “HAVINGNESS” (i.e. your ability to fully receive and appreciate what you have)
  • Expanding in the moment and allowing more to come into our lives
  • Making our own decisions from our full agency and power

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