Any Way You Want It is an exploration into new and uncharted territories in sex, relationships, and life. Through conversations with everyday people, teachers, experts, and self-proclaimed weirdos, Cailin opens new doors to intimacy and love. It’s like having a cozy intimate dinner party where you get to consider different relationship models, perspectives, and paradigms so that you can have your own personal buffet of options to choose from. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to get in touch with your desire.

EP 8: Making Life Messier through Desire with Cailin McDuff

January 5, 2021

It’s my turn to feature my story! Listen in as my good friend and fellow intimacy coach, Aimee Batuski, interviews me to reveal my journey of opening up my sexuality and tapping into my power as a woman. At the age of 32, I had never had an orgasm. Looking around at my life and realizing I desperately wanted more (and to be able to feel in my body), I set off on a journey to discover my body and my sexuality.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Leaning on sisterhood in sexual transformation work
  • Creating approval for sexuality everywhere – in sisterhood, in coaching, and in relationships
  • How I had built my life around being a “good girl”
  • Coming to work around your sexuality from inspiration or desperation
  • Shifting the mindset of “I’m broken” or “My body is broken.”
  • The blocks we experience in our body based on shame
  • Opening the door to your sex and feeling the hunger
  • Starting the journey of following the truth of your desire and how you can take good care of yourself in that
  • Breaking through people pleasing patterns to become a sovereign woman
  • Following a desire to live in community when it “didn’t make sense”
  • Trusting a power greater than me in desire
  • Surrendering and bringing reverence to relationship through practicing as a submissive 

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