Any Way You Want It is an exploration into new and uncharted territories in sex, relationships, and life. Through conversations with everyday people, teachers, experts, and self-proclaimed weirdos, Cailin opens new doors to intimacy and love. It’s like having a cozy intimate dinner party where you get to consider different relationship models, perspectives, and paradigms so that you can have your own personal buffet of options to choose from. So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine, and prepare to get in touch with your desire.

EP 3: A Whip in my Purse and a Smile in my Heart with Kacey Cardin

December 1, 2020

Kacey Cardin is an Executive Coach and Trainer who originally came from a 10 year career as a professional opera singer and burlesque dancer. She has also deeply studied energy work for the past 20 years and has integrated that into her work through her program Chakralesque, which is a blend of dance, movement, coaching, and energy healing.

Something that not everyone knows about Kacey is that she had a stint as a professional dominatrix in New York City. In this interview, we dive into what her life as a dominatrix was like, what she learned about power dynamics and leadership, and what she saw about shame and desire. Kacey is a walking permission slip for people in the world to live their lives by desire!

Listen into this episode as we dive into:

  • What life is like as a professional dominatrix
  • How desire does not make sense and does not ask for your approval.
  • Getting in touch with your shadow and working with it instead of making it wrong
  • How exploring power dynamics with intention develops your leadership 
  • Asking for what you want without shame
  • Creating boundaries that honor who you are
  • Choosing yes or no in every single moment  

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