Join me for conversation with and about the impacts of growing up with an absent or distant father. I will share my personal journey, how I and others have learned to traverse the impacts of growing up fatherless. We will also discuss the role of the modern father and how it influences self-confidence, success, money and relationships.

Absent Father Podcast

Uncovering, healing and overcoming the impact of an absent father.

Healing the Wound with Mytrae Meliana

July 9, 2020

In this episode, I interview Mytrae Meliana, who is a trained holistic psychotherapist and sound healer. What does it look like to address the pain or the wound of growing up with an absent or distant father? We explore the concept of re-parenting - finding your own inner parent who will be with you no matter what. We also discuss how to tap into the inner parent and our innate ability to heal ourselves.

Mytrae, who is A WOC immigrant from India, shares her own story of healing and empowerment in her memoir "Brown Skin Girl: An Indian-American Woman's Magical Journey from Broken to Beautiful".

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