Join me for conversation with and about the impacts of growing up with an absent or distant father. I will share my personal journey, how I and others have learned to traverse the impacts of growing up fatherless. We will also discuss the role of the modern father and how it influences self-confidence, success, money and relationships.

Absent Father Podcast

Uncovering, healing and overcoming the impact of an absent father.

Divorced Father Leaves Family and Creates Another

January 2, 2020

Today’s episode is a conversation with Courtney, a successful sales person and the mother of two young men who shares her story of starting with the idyllic family, a divorce at a young age and a father who slowly faded away.

Vulnerably and courageously, she shares many painful moments, big and small, throughout her life and some deep wisdom that she has learned along the way. She shares how her experience with an absent father impacted her romantic relationships and the healing she has gained from raising two young men. Her superpowers shine through the entire conversation, from her being the leader and care taker at her father’s bedside as he passed away to the extraordinary success she has had in her career and the dedicated, self-aware mom she is today.

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