Join me for conversation with and about the impacts of growing up with an absent or distant father. I will share my personal journey, how I and others have learned to traverse the impacts of growing up fatherless. We will also discuss the role of the modern father and how it influences self-confidence, success, money and relationships.

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Uncovering, healing and overcoming the impact of an absent father.

Why Do Dad’s Leave? Part 2

March 30, 2018

In part 2 of “Why Do Dad’s Leave?” we discuss the generational nature of father absence. How our family history and the generation’s who came before use greatly contribute and help explain why Dad’s leave. 

My hope is that it helps all of us to see the bigger picture in our society that contributes to father absence and makes it less personal. If you had an absent father, there’s an excellent chance that your father’s father was also absent, emotionally or physically, and that his father was absent.

As we begin to understand the father absence and the generation nature of it, perhaps we can begin to interrupt the cycle of physical and emotional abandonment.

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