Join me for conversation with and about the impacts of growing up with an absent or distant father. I will share my personal journey, how I and others have learned to traverse the impacts of growing up fatherless. We will also discuss the role of the modern father and how it influences self-confidence, success, money and relationships.

Absent Father Podcast

Uncovering, healing and overcoming the impact of an absent father.

God Stuff

March 10, 2018

Today’s episode discusses the role that spirituality and religion plays in our lives. I begin a conversation about my own spiritual journey by sharing the story of my confirmation in the lutheran church (aka Catholic without the fun stuff like drinking and gambling,) and how it served to create the opposite of “confirmation” of faith for me.

I talk about the rest of my spiritual journey and how it relates to our relationship with our parents, specifically our fathers. Finally, we explore the parallels between our relationship to our parents and our relationship to God/Spirit/Universe, or as my longtime friend and mentor, Jodi Larson, might call it: “The Blueberry Muffin in the Sky.”

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