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The frequency shifters show

Ancient Wisdom from the Experts to Shift Your Frequency & Elevate into your Highest Realms of Being. It’s no secret we live in chaotic times. We are all being called to heal our trauma, raise our frequency and join together, realizing we are more alike than…

The Trailblazers of Coaching

You might know what a Trailblazer is… But what’s a Trailblazer of Coaching? A group of what we might call the founders of coaching profession. Coaching as a professional…

Break Up With Your Bullsh*t

…and get that project started. Break Up With Your Bullsh*t is a long form conversational podcast where I bring on brilliant creative minds who have achieved incredible things in the world…

Any Way You Want It

A Podcast. Any Way You Want It is an exploration into new and uncharted territories in sex, relationships, and life. Through conversations with everyday people…

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Our coaches’ and thought leaders’ books help people rise up, triumph over challenges and get real about making your wildest dreams a reality.

Fictional Authenticity

Alex Terranova

Fictional Authenticity will call you out on your bullshit. Read about Alex’s journey to self-awareness and change, and learn the techniques that he used so that you can do it yourself…


Catherine A. Wood

Accepting ourselves requires less work, less achieving and less doing than one might think. The path to greater happiness, greater contentment, and greater self-love is the basis for Catherine A. Wood’s debut book…

The New Golden Rule

Emily Golden, MCC

Surely you’re familiar with the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” While this seems like a good mantra to live by, placing your focus on others may be exactly what’s holding you back…

The Brink

Mark Hunter

The Brink speaks to you as an individual willing to take on your own leadership, guiding you to use your own great challenge as the stone upon which your leadership will be sharpened…

Winning Habits

Jeff Miller

Have you ever been stuck? Have you failed to achieve your goals? Have you ever felt unfulfilled in your personal life? The key to success and what makes a tremendous difference in life is creating consistent habits…

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