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Episode 1012: Radical Wisdom – Annie Gelfand

May 29, 2019

Annie Gelfand MBA, CPCC, MCC has been coaching individuals, teams and relationships to make radical change since 1997 and has been in business for over four decades.

Founder of her company, Radical Wisdom, she holds a Master of Business Administration Degree, is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, trained in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching and Team Coaching, and an ICF PCC and MCC Assessor.

A pioneer in every area of her life, she was the first to introduce strategic marketing into a Canadian teaching hospital. She has a diverse range of life experience, which includes a 15-year career in the corporate world, being a reflexology instructor, certified holistic practitioner and …. living in the Himalayan mountains of India for 7 years while studying with a meditation and yoga master. Annie is the co-creator and host of the Essence of Mastery Summit, an annual event devoted to cultivating coaching mastery – https://essenceofmasterysummit – a collaborative alliance of world renowned Master Coaches dedicated to the highest caliber coaching and mentoring. Annie’s clients are professional coaches who are driven to step up their coaching mastery skills in service of being the most potent change catalysts possible for their clients.

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