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Episode 1003: Tara Jaye Frank – Building bridges to greater opportunity and deeper connection.

February 6, 2019

Guest: Tara Jaye Frank

Tara Jaye Frank is a Leadership Development Expert and the President and CEO of TJF Career Modeling LLC. As a sought-after consultant, speaker, and leadership experience designer, Tara Jaye Frank helps leaders and organizations define a vision and develop strategies to advance their culture and leadership goals. In 2015, she published her first book titled Say Yes: A Woman’s Guide to Advancing Her Professional Purpose– a practical tool to help emerging leaders reach their own professional high grounds.

Before founding TJF Career Modeling LLC, Tara spent 21 years at Hallmark Cards, Inc., where she was the company’s first Black female vice president, and at the time of her promotion to executive management, the youngest person to rise into senior leadership in Hallmark’s history.

Tara is also the visionary behind #MoreThan: A Movement, a non-profit recently founded to facilitate deeper understanding between disconnected people. #MoreThan combines media outreach, apparel, and scholarships and communication curriculum to build bridges across emotional distance and increase our collective power for good.

Tara lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband John, four of their six children, and their two dogs.


“I am currently expressing my professional purpose as bridge building. I spent my career in the connecting business, and I’ve come to understand that there are many kinds of connections to be made. People are looking to connect what they do with who they truly are, they want to connect with companies who share their beliefs and values, they want to connect to their teams to unleash talent in new and innovative ways, and I personally want to help connect individuals who are isolating out of fear or pure exhaustion. We need each other now more than ever, not only to create a more loving and tolerant world, but also to achieve our ultimate potential. This is critical work in my eyes. I like to think of myself as one who can successfully break down barriers to open doors of opportunity – for everyone. ” Tara Jaye Frank



IG: @tarajayefrank, @morethanmove

Twitter: @tarajfrank, @morethanmove

Facebook: Tara Jaye Frank, @morethanahealingmovement



Guest CoHost: Alex Terranova

Alex Terranova is a DreamMason, a Performance & Mindfulness Coach, and the Host of The DreamMason Podcast. He helps strong and successful men boldly declare what they want, get real about what’s in the way, and create the strategy and the steps for more clarity, freedom, and success in their life. Together, we get things done faster, raise the bar on your goals, improve your relationships, and get crystal clear on what you really want.

Alex has been feature on Focus TV’s Good Morning La La Land, NBC Radio, The Rising Man Podcast, The Sovereign Society Podcast, Love Living Radio and an episode of The Villain Crusher.

You can connect with Alex at:

YouTube: TheDreamMason Podcast.

Dream Mason Podcast



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