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Episode 1020: The Art & Science of Effortless Enrollment

August 22, 2019

Guest: Peter Scott IV

You’ll discover how to sell your coaching in a one-on-one conversation that feels respectful and natural without manipulative closing techniques, so that you confidently enroll at least 60% of the prospects you speak to.
Show Notes
  •  The blessing and curse of the coaching industry 
  • If you could change one aspect of most coaches business, what would it be?
  • How do coaches get their message out there?
  • Targeting your niche is like casting a net into the ocean.
  • Learning about ‘Fearless Life Experience’
  • Story on the growth of ‘Fearless Coach Academy’
  • What is Alex’s new book all about?
  • When can one make the jump to group coaching?
  • Peter gives Christopher advice for his European speaking engagement.

Links Mentioned:
Giveaway details, if any
Word-for-word high converting sales script for coaches >>>www.Earn1KCoaching.com

Follow Peter:
www.DesignAFearlessLife.com@PeterScottIV on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube


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