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Episode 49: Stigma Free Recovery

July 2, 2019

Guest: Tiffany Thoen

Episode Summary:
Tiffany Thoen shares with us her story of her 21 years sober and the journey to this point. We discuss her efforts to create a new empowering experience with sobriety. Updating the language we use and some other powerful actions can support breaking the shame and stigma around Recovery.

Show Notes:
  • How to destigmatize the language we use regarding recovery 
  • Alcohol use disorder/Substance use disorder 
  • Social Determinants of Health 
  • Compulsive & Addictive Behavior 
  • Genetic or Personality
  • Nurture Abandonment
  • Familial trauma 
  • Adverse Childhood Experience Test
Links Mentioned:

Follow Tiffany:
  • coachtiffanyrn.com
  • FB: The breaking free community 
  • Her Podcast:  Breaking Free: Your Recovery Your Way 


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