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Episode 46: Van Life Rebel

June 10, 2019

Guest: Tracy Jenkins

Bio: Tracy Jenkins Is a self-love and relationship coach and the creator of Rising Warrior Collective- a community for unique, powerful and unconventional women who struggle with feeling inadequate and unworthy in their relationships and other areas of their lives. She uses the foundations of radical self love, self empowerment and forgiveness to help women heal and strengthen the most important relationship they have, the one with themselves.

Follow Tracy:
Insta @ risingwarriorcollective

Show Notes:
  • The Stigma & Judgements Behind Van Life - How/Why Doing It That Exists Even Within The Life
  • Get Comfortable in the Uncomfortable 
  • Being Called Forward By Your Purpose
  • Find inspiration
  • What is your why and how strong is it for you?
  • Dream big & create small actionable steps
  • Build community
  • Importance of doing your own work


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