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Nobody Fits in a Box

July 9, 2018

EP39 – Nobody Fits In A Box with John Civita 

John Civita M.S. Ed is a creator, educator, leader and developer behind Winston Transitions, a program that supports and builds academic skills, prepares and develops life and work readiness for young adults with learning differences.  John is a life coach whose practice focuses on working with young people who are challenged by learning differences and partners with them to create plans, techniques and strategies so they can create empowered and successful lives.  

In this episode we discuss: 

    Pushing boundaries and getting out of your comfort zone  
    Trying vs Doing
    Working with people who have learning differences and those on the spectrum and transforming the landscape, education and life for these populations
    Growth vs Fixed Mindset and cultivating a Growth Mindset
    Why very few people fit in the “educational box” and adjusting the educational model
    Turning up the volume of your life
    How talent isn’t enough, it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities life presents
    Advice for parents who have children who are struggling


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Email: civitacoaching@gmail.com

Website:  www.civitacoaching.com or www.Winstonprep.edu


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