A DreamMason is a person who is intentional, committed and realizes it is going to take a plan and the choice to build their dreams so they can live the life they want. This Podcast is about learning, experiencing and exploring the journey of leaders, creators and innovators who are not afraid to unleash their inner DreamMason! Welcome to The DreamMason Podcast I am Alex Terranova And You are a DreamMason Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves.

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Fearful to Fearless

January 17, 2018

Peter Scott is the Best Selling Author of The Fearless Mindset, Founder and Creator of the Fearless Life Academy and a true DreamMason!

Is fear stopping you from living the life you want to be living? Is the fear rational or irrational? Peter and I get into how to decipher rational fears versus irrational fears, and how fear is simply the chaotic projection of a painful future and not based in reality. Peter shares some deeply vulnerable and powerful stories sharing his personal history of being consumed by fear which had him living a miserable life, and how he powerfully chose to never again be controlled by fear. He shares some of his biggest wins, inspiring client stories and his dream to create the Fearless Foundation!

You can keep up with Peter Scott:Instagram: @PeterScottivFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeterScott4Website: http://designafearlesslife.com

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Remember, You are a DreamMason…Because Your Dreams Don’t Build Themselves



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